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Leadership Greatness

“Leaders are made, not born.”

 “Discipline is always more important than some natural ability.  With some dedicated practice those with discipline will surpass those with natural ability…Without discipline and the ability to learn, those with natural ability will never progress above their current ability.”

 – Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman, authors –

 The Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders

(McGraw-Hill, 2002)

Could Your Organization Benefit from a Process that Could Change your Bottom Line by:
  • Up to 10% increase in net income?

  • Up to a 10% decrease in employee turnover?

  • Up to a 30% increase in employee commitment and engagement?

  • Up to 40% increase in customer satisfaction levels?

Would You be Interested in The Data that Reveals what Leaders can do to Influence Such Change?

We have formed a strategic partnership with Zenger|Folkman, the company founded by the authors of The Extraordinary Leader.  We are licensed and certified in their groundbreaking program that transcends feel-good training and actually delivers personalized, result-enhancing information to participants.


Interested in a Free Consultation about the Extraordinary Leader Program? 

Contact Us and we will get you set up – you’ll be enthused!

Here are a Few Benefits of The Extraordinary Leader Program:

  • It can be customized to fit into any type of organization

  • It is compatible with existing leadership initiatives – no need to start over if a program is in place!

  • Leaders learn how to leverage their passions and competencies with organizational needs



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